Outside of Music

Academic Works

This page is dedicated to my works related to my current academics. These projects represent some of my school-related efforts and the path I took throughout High School.


The Wives' Role in Macbeth

This was a thesis I wrote on the roles of the women, especially the wives, throughout the play, Macbeth. When choosing a topic, I wanted one that was both interesting and relative to our society. I felt this topic was one that was overlooked, yet had so much information to further its credibility. It was interesting to conduct the research and find out how large femininity played a role throughout the play. Going foward with this sort of thesis would to expand from just the wives' part and to examine the roles of all the females.

Engineering Project

Every Synergi4 student involved in the engineering pathway was to design a prototype throughout their senior year. I chose the issue of overpopulation of mosquitos and the dangers of their presence. Never had created a prototype in the past nor had I any idea on how to start. After careful guidance from my instructor, I became comfortable creating professional documents that looked neat and contained the organized information. Recently, I had taken upon the challenge of finalizing this project by making a working prototype. Despite the in-depth research and development, going forward with this project would require the usage of professional equipment for 3D modeling and machines for manufacturing.


Satirical Podcast

As a final for my first semester of Dual-Credit British Literature, the students needed to create a piece of media that, in someway, highlighted the elements that embody satire. I decided the best way to do this was to partner with a friend of mine, Jazmin, and choose a topic that was relevant to the current social movement for Women's Rights. After days of generating ideas, we developed a script that would have a woman play as an ignorant person that opposes woman's rights, and a male who is open to discussion. Despite some "flops" we felt that a woman displaying this hate would be perfect for the tone of our message. A fun-fact was that I produced the audio/music for the project, just to give it a sense of "authenticity." To expand on this project would probably require the podcast idea to be thrown out, and instead to make a skit with similar roles. Regardless, this was fun to make, and by-far my favorite group project.

Group Poetry

This was my last major project in my English class, and it definitely presented a few challenges. We has some issues organizing out schedules to meet of video calls and write our a working script, so we decided that recording a Zoom Meeting was the smartest choices. Despite the challenge, I love being in front of a camera, and in turn, and audience. I feel nervous, and I choke up, but it pushes me to work under tough circumstances. However, I was not alone. Both Jazmin and Tyler found themselves tripping over words and skipping sections entirely. After hours of attempting a good recording, we managed to produce the one you see on the right. This project definitely would have been more fulfilling had we met in person, but due to the hectic end of senior year and the pandemic, I believe we still managed to pull together a successful group poem.