Throughout my journey learning about music, I have met some incredible instructors that I am more than grateful to have had by my side. These individuals are established members in the music community and have a great understanding of who I am within music and as a person.


Alex Hahn

Alex Hahn is a world-renowned jazz musician who has earned his place in the music industry. He has collaberated with big names like Herbie Hancock, Michael Buble, Esperanza Spalding, and even played on recent Netflix specials. I have had the privilege of working with him for the last year on jazz concepts and playing. He has pushed me to dig deeper into the music and explore places I have never thought to explore. His experience gave him the ability to pin prick every error I make and help me to correct it. He has forced me to be honest with myself and is never afraid to tell me the harsh truth about my musicianship. Because of him, I have learned how to make myself better every single day, and continue to strive for better. 


Humberto Perez

Beto Perez was my high school band director and my mentor for 5 years. He was on of the first people that motivated me to purse my efforts on piano, and pushed me to raise my own standards. He has always given me the necessary outlets to grow and expand my musical agenda, as well as support to do so. Despite the challenges he threw at me, he helped me to develop a ruthless work ethic and bravery on the stage. Beto Perez has worked with me the longest of any other of my mentors. He understands who I am not only behind the piano, but beyond that.


Daniel Maciel

Daniel Maciel is a choir instructor and vocalist. Maciel was not a conventional teacher, however, aided me as much as any of my mentors. He would hire me for gigs and recruit me for performances with his choir. He knew he could rely on me for last minute shows, and honest feedback. He also gave me access to practicing facilities and was always available when I needed him. We worked together and respected each other immensely, both learning from one another. Just recently, he had become my vocal coach and our professional relationship will continue on. Maciel understands the work I put into my craft and the reliability of my character.